about us

Because We Run…

This is our running story; we began running together in 2004, two to three times a week, (two to three miles at a time).  This was the igniting spark that began our “passion” for running.  While running we discovered that not only are we are in control of our fitness level, and can reach satisfying goals whether it is a 5k or the Boston Marathon, we also found out that it just feels good. We continued our journey of running by completing 16 marathons, five of those being the Boston Marathon, fifteen half marathons and many 5k’s and 10k’s. Through these “running” experiences we have grown to respect all levels of walk/runners. You are all an inspiration to us! 

Even though running is considered to be an “individual “sport, we have found that it has brought many people together. Here at Running Excels we want to not only run, but our hope is to bring all the fitness levels together. That’s why we have created our Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday group runs/walks. 

Every customer is special to us; we pride our selves in individual customer service as well as the proper fit, whether it is a piece of clothing or shoes. We also can share with you our knowledge of running, through education on; injury prevention and recovery, proper training, nutrition etc. and encourage others to share with us as well. Our goal is create a positive environment, welcoming the health club enthusiast to the avid runner.

 Come on in, stay awhile, share your fitness experiences,
with us at Running Excels, right here in the Beverly area,
of the city of Chicago, with a neighborhood feel. 

We are here Because We Run!