Running Excels is not just a retail store. Sure, we have shoes, apparel, and accessories for purchase. But, we are also a hub for the running community. Our store is the place to meet lifelong friends. It’s the place to brag about your new PR. It’s the place to pick our brains about the newest injury prevention techniques. And to feel comfortable in your own skin, whether you run 50 miles a week or walk for 30 minutes at a time. We are here to be your resource, your retailer, your running buddy. We love what we do and so should you.

Sponsored Events

Running Excels is the proud host of the Emerald Isle Mile, the Frankfort Half Marathon, and the Tombstone 5K. We also sponsor numerous other races and events.

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Running Clubs

Get motivated and join one of our group runs or training programs. Make friends and have fun while working on a health goal!

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Shop Local

When you shop at Running Excels instead of a big chain store, you’re doing more than buying products. For starters, you’re investing in your community.

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Charitable Work

Giving Back

At Running Excels, we take pride in our community and want to help as much as we can. Our largest hosted event, the Tombstone 5K, benefits two local charities. A percentage of our profits from the race goes to the Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation and the Heart Connection Family Bereavement Program at Little Company of Mary Hospital in honor of Team Nate.

Share Your Soles

Are old running shoes taking up space in your closet? Donate them to Share Your Soles! Share Your Soles is a non-political, non-religious organization that donates used running shoes to deeply impoverished nations. Each pair of shoes donated is cleaned, polished, and distributed to the people of these nations, some of which have never owned shoes before. Drop off your used running shoes in the Share Your Soles drop box at Running Excels in Beverly.


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