It is all about you
…. and your feet

At Running Excels we understand that everyone has different feet and needs. In order to sell you the best shoes for your need we make this all about you.


Step One

We get to know you. Or maybe we want to know more about your feet! Do you walk or run? How far are you walking or running? How often are you walking or running? Are you training for any event? Have you had any injuries? When is the last time you purchased shoes?

Step Two

We do a visual analysis of your feet. After removing your shoes, we look at your feet standing and bending down. With this step, we will be checking your arches and checking to see if your feet pronate, supinate or are neutral.

Step Three

We will do a video gait analysis. We video tape you running and walking on the treadmill. We will play back the video on the flat screen to point out your foot strike.

Step Four

We will measure your foot for the size and width.

Step Five

We will bring you an assortment of shoes based on your input, the visual analysis, the video gait analysis and your foot measurement.

Step Six

We have you run or walk in the shoes and then the choice is up to you.
This all seems like a lot. It is part of our commitment to provide you with the best possible fit in your shoes. Remember, it is all about you and your feet

Running Excels – Fitting You