Our fit process is the most important service we offer to our customers. It’s our chance to get to know you, learn about your exercise habits, study your feet, and then find the right pair of shoes for you.

What do you do for exercise? Whether you’re training for a marathon, taking daily walks, or standing all day at work, you need a pair of shoes that are designed to support the way you move and the type of activity you’re doing.

We have customers remove their shoes and socks and step onto our treadmill. We begin with a comfortable and have runners transition to a comfortable jog. We capture the whole process on video. The walking/running portion takes less than a minute and allows us to get an idea of the customer’s gait. We then use the video to determine if the customer is pronating, suppinating, or running neutral. Basically, determining what kind of pressure is being placed on the arches and how the foot is rolling upon landing. From that, we choose shoes that we feel will be beneficial to the customer’s walking or running form. We allow the customer to try-on the shoes and even test them out on our treadmill or on the path outside the store.

Running Excels sells the eight most popular brands of running shoes on the market right now. Those brands include: Brooks, Asics, New Balance, Newton, Saucony, Nike, Adidas, and Mizuno. We also have Superfeet orthotics for any customers who need extra shock absorption or are looking to supplement a shoe’s support to prevent an injury. An appointment for a gait analysis and fitting is not required. So feel free to just stop in the store.