Our bodies need water to thrive, especially during exercise. Staying hydrated is critical in every type of weather and in all seasons. Although we may think we don’t need water in the colder months, exercising without it can be cause for disaster.

Carrying water on long runs is extremely important. Running Excels has water belts of varying sizes for every runner’s specific need. Whether you need an 8-oz. bottle for a three-mile run or a full belt for marathon training, you can find a range of Nathan and Amphipod products at our stores.

Nutrition and hydration supplements can give you that extra push you need to get through a workout. On runs longer than 6 miles, energy supplements can be the key to a good workout. Running Excels has GU and Honey Stinger gels in stock year round. We also carry Honey Stinger chews, GU Chomps, Shot Blokes, and Gatorade chews for anybody who would like a different texture. To replace electrolytes, try dissolving Nun tablets in your water bottle. These sugar-free tablets add flavor to regular water while also replacing electrolytes to give you extra energy.

Has your face ever felt gritty after a run? It could be because you are losing salt in your sweat. Running Excels also carries Salt Sticks in varying sizes. These small pills replace the salt you lose on long runs.