Running at night can be tricky business. When it gets dark, it’s harder for drivers to see
pedestrians. The proper reflective and lighting gear is essential for your safety.
Running Excels carries several products to make your night time run safer. Start with reflective
clothing. Most running tights and shorts have some sort of reflective stripes or paneling. Be sure
to check the tag or ask one of our sales associates if the garment you are interested in is
reflective. Some of our running jackets have built-in lights that charge in a computer with a USB
port. Also, we discourage dark clothing after the sun goes down. White and neon colors tend to
be easily visible.

A headlamp is another great tool for a nighttime run. It can light your path and also let oncoming
traffic know you are there. In the dark, you can’t see small cracks in the pavement or branches on
the trail. A headlamp can alert you to these obstacles and keep you from tripping.
Running Excels also carries strobe lights that attach to your clothing; Knuckle Lights to hold in
your hands; heel lights for the back of your shoes; and several types of reflective arm bands and

We are committed to informing our runners about night time safety. Please feel free to stop in
and check out our products to make you more visible at night.