Running in Summer

Living in the Midwest can be rough. One day we are sweating profusely and the next we are
digging our hoodies out from under the bed. But no matter what the weather, as runners we need
to be prepared. Here are some tips for running in the summer months.


  • If it’s important to hydrate in the winter, it’s even more important to hydrate in
    the summer! Think about carrying a water bottle with you on extremely hot days.
    If you don’t like to carry water, try to find routes that contain water fountains or
    drop water before you head out.
  • Try to drink lots of water even when you aren’t running to prepare your body for
    when it needs the hydration.


  • Skin cancer is more commonly diagnosed in runners than in any other athlete. The
    reason for this is because runners tend to spend many hours outside in sunny
    weather with little covering their skin from the sun.
  • Wearing waterproof sun block is the best preventative measure a runner can take against skin cancer.

Moisture Wicking Clothing

  • Wearing clothes made of a breathable material that wicks away sweat can decrease the risk of
    chafing and make for a more comfortable run.
  • Most runners avoid cotton, especially in their socks. Cotton can
    increase friction and produce blisters, specifically on your feet. Cotton shirts can
    chafe easily on your skin.
  • Running Excels sells Body Glide and Blister Shield for all off your chafing needs.