Fitting You

Our detailed fitting process begins with a simple question:

What are you doing for exercise? 

From there, the journey to your perfect pair of shoes is as unique as you are.

Step One

We get to know you. Or maybe we want to know more about your feet! Do you walk or run? How far, and how often? Are you training for an event? Have you had any injuries? When was the last time you purchased shoes?

Step Two

We do a visual analysis of your feet. After removing your shoes, we look at your feet as you stand and bend down. We check your arches to see if your feet pronate, supinate or are neutral. That is, we determine what kind of pressure is being placed on the arches and how the foot is rolling upon landing.

Step Three

We do a video gait analysis. We videotape you running and walking on the treadmill. Then we play back the video to point out your foot strike.

Step Four

We measure your foot size and width.

Step Five

We bring you a selection of shoes based on your input, the visual analysis, the video gait analysis and your foot measurement. All of these shoes are suited to your walking or running form.

Step Six

You run or walk in the different shoes, perhaps on our treadmill or outside the store. Which shoes are the most comfortable? Which color or style matches your taste? The choice is up to you.

Our fit process ends with your selecting a pair of shoes that truly support your feet. This all may seem like a lot of effort, but we’re committed to giving you the best possible fit. At Running Excels, it really is all about you . . . and your feet!