Training & Resources

This is your stop for all running knowledge. From a range of training programs, to injury prevention, to dressing for the weather . . . we’ve got you covered.


Our knowledgeable staff reflects a variety of running backgrounds. Some are recreational runners; others are highly competitive long distance athletes. We all agree that Hal Higdon’s training programs transcend the boundaries between different running abilities and offer every runner a high-quality training system for your next race. Check out our Walk to Run program and Hal’s 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon training programs.



We also have tons of great advice for running safely, avoiding injuries, and just about any running topic you can think of. Check out the articles in this Resources section, and stop in one of our stores to chat!

Personal Training

We’re delighted to recommend our friend Sarah Deegan as a personal running coach. You can learn more about Sarah’s credentials and services by visiting her online at Endure Running.